All cutouts, threads, and holes on the sheetmetal parts of the control panel housing or assembly panels are machined on our CNC center. Tophat rails and cable ducts are cut to length with corresponding cutting tools that follow a cut list.

Core harnessing

Automated core harnessing with individual core labels using thermal transfer printing and various core termination hardware options.


You have a wide range of different labeling materials available for components, cables, and panels. We can print on plastics, aluminum, and stainless steel.


The prefabricated cores simplify and speed up the wiring process. Moreover, cores can be harnessed and wired essentially at the same time, dramatically shortening project leadtimes. In addition, replacing components on-site for service or retrofits becomes child's play.


Specially trained employees conduct electro-technical inspections pursuant to various standards, along with extensive function tests. We would be delighted to make space and infrastructure available to you or your customers to conduct a FAT.