In todays production environment, process control systems are essential. The following systems are the base for our long range experience and the muchness of projects, we realize. We project both hardwarebased and virtual solutions.

We offer upgrades (Windows 10, Windows Server 2012/2016) for existing installations of the systems mentioned below.


The process control system beraBrew is being implemented successfully throughout the world. It has been specially designed for the demands of the brewery and beverage industry. It has been developed in collaboration between brewmasters and automation technicians. The attractive price tag of this professional automation solution makes it especially relevant for mid-size ventures.

The system consists of standardized base components presented with a practical and user-friendly interface. Extensive features for recording and archiving complete the package.

Operating system: Windows 10

Simatic BRAUMAT Compact PCS7

BRAUMAT compact is ideal for small breweries, individual process areas or subsystems. This process control system is based on the SIMATIC PCS 7 and combines all essential functions for automation, operation, monitoring and engineering. It also features two-stage control logic for recipe control.

A full SIMATIC PCS 7 engineering station is available to ensure that hardware and software engineering can be performed quickly with very little effort. WinCC provides convenient operation and monitoring with full functionality, including faceplates, trends and a reporting system.

Upon release of PCS 7 V8.0 further development of BRAUMAT Compact has ceased. Changing to current versions of Windows is now impossible. A risky situation, considering the perpetual threat of cybercrimes.

This fact motivated us to develop our own solution, to ensure the protection of your investment in running installations. Upgrades of runnin systems (Windows 7/Server 2008 and older) to PCS 7 V9.x allows installation on current versions of Windows.

Compared to a migration to a different process control system, this is a economic and low-risk alternative for entry to the world of up-to-date Windows.

Operating system: Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012

Simatic Braumat Classic

Simple and transparent brewery process management.

The BRAUMAT classic dedicated process control system offers all the necessary brewing functions and standards.

This user-friendly system visualizes the complex processes of beer production on a modern user interface with faceplates, for example, for valves, pumps, measured values or controllers. Loop-in-alarm functions help the operator to go directly from the message to the associated process screen, enabling him to quickly pinpoint and correct faults.

The fully graphic recipe and batch system complies with international standard ANSI/ISAS88.01. Functions such as skips, synchronizations and alternatives facilitate simple recipe creation even for complex sequences.

In addition to controlling and monitoring complex CIP loops, the route control system allows simple interlinking of all route systems within the beer production process and is redundant in design.

Extensive engineering and test tools provide the necessary transparency and assist operators and technicians in all areas of production, maintenance and service. Online engineering allows changes and additions from any operator station without interrupting production.

Operating system: Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012

Proleit Plant IT V9 (brewmaxx V9)

Plant iT is an object-oriented and PLC-based process control system with integrated MES functionality developed by ProLeiT AG. It can be used in combination with PLCs from various manufacturers and is available in five language versions. This high level of flexibility is one of the reasons why automation solutions based on Plant iT and brewmaxx are used in more than 100 countries around the globe.
Plant iT complies with the principle of “parameterisation instead of programming”. This means that individual programming is basically replaced by the parameterisation of technical and technological functions. The “compiler-less” system architecture of Plant iT allows maximum flexibility for alterations during operation. Alterations to the control system are even possible without stopping production. This time-saving benefit creates a significant competitive advantage – for us and our customers.

Engineering with Plant iT takes place according to standardised methods. Standard functions, e.g. predefined automation classes, ensure that the process control system is transparent. Alterations and extensions can thus always be traced and multiplied – a safe investment solution for the future.

Operating system: Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012